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Technology for podiatrists and sports medicine professionals

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Bodytech Australia provides high-tech solutions for podiatrists and other health professionals in capturing and analyzing postural and biomechanical data, using foot pressure and postural analysis. Our modular foot pressure platforms enable a range of abilities including stability testing, biomechanical analysis, postural analysis, foot pressure assessment, range of movement analysis, and CAD CAM orthotic manufacturing with CNC Milling. Our systems are modular at any level.

Our foot pressure platforms enable high speed data aquisition for static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis. In combination with FreeStep software, they are the new generation of integrated instruments for postural and biomechanical evaluation. The freeMed modular platforms can meet every clinical and sports need, including running analysis with our foot pressure treadmill.

See Baropodometry.

Live video footage can be synchonised with foot pressure data using FreeStep software. Let us tailor-make a bespoke system to meet your needs from simple USB3 setups to high-speed GigE cameras with up to 4 viewing angles and two camera feeds simultaneously. Save video with your patient database to track  progress over time.

We supply equipment for every step from patient data acquisition to design and final construction of custom orthotics. Our software, milling machines and 3d scanners work together so you can offer precise and quantitative treatment to your clients. 


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