Video Gait Analysis & Foot Pressure Video Gait Running Analysis

BodyTech and Sensor Medica has produced a product "FreeStep Runtime" FreeStep delivers up to 4 video cameras individually or simultaneously for gait assessment or running gait assessment.

The Video Gait Camera position can be selected at the leisure of the clinician including co-lateral and anterior posterior views. 

This video integration is valid for both Posture Evaluation Analysis or Video Biomechanical observation.

Camera’s can range from a standard web camera, or home handicam through to hi speed bassler and Ueye cameras.

FreeStep Software Packages accept the following connections for video integration:

  • Composite RCA     Walking Gait
  • USB connection      Walking Gait
  • Firewire                    Walking Gait
  • Ethernet Connection (POE) Running Gait & Walking Gait

Only a Runner in slow motion on a video integrated foot pressure treadmill reveals all. 

So why not have it in your clinic!

Years ago Video Foot Pressure Integration was only a dream, now it is very affordable and valuable for clinicians assessing motion analysis and posture on patients.

Treadmills with pressure sensors panels and hi speed video integration options was the clinical future for Posture analysis an biomechanical analysis. The future is now here and affordable.

“Step up” now if you wish to start observing foot pressure gait with video into your clinic today!