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  • EasyCAD Professional (Pro) Orthotic design software

    EasyCAD Professional (Pro) Orthotic design software
    • $7,835.00
    EasyCAD Professional (Pro) Orthotic design softwareEasyCAD Professional (Pro) Orthotic design software

    We are pleased to present you a revolutionary application, functional to design and produce custom CNC orthotic insoles.

    The Easy CAD software is compatible with most foot pressure systems.

    Accepting Foot Pressure files from other software packages including Zebris, Rs Scan, Diagnostic Support, Life Kiosk, PGS and many more, feel free to contact us for more information.

    EasyCad Orthotic design software

    Allows the export of a cad cam milling file to a central milling facility or group

    EasyCad Professional (Pro) Orthotic design software

    Is for the clinician who wishes to send his orthotic insole files to a 3rd party facility or a mill of his/her own.

    At a Glance;

    • Personal data tab management;
    • Projects sending/receiving;
    • User-friendly 3D modelling interface;
    • Real time Rendering or Modification;
    • Freehand drawing tools;
    • Technical self-modelling and rapid design tools;
    • Minimum and maximum thickness automatic correction;
    • 9 plantar jigs for predisposed shoes with flexibility to design your own
    • Importing examinations from other Foot Pressure Systems
    • Data sheet and declaration of conformity auto-compilation;
    • Independent management for materials and coatings;
    • Integrated machine trails generator, no other software required;
    • Exporting/Importing data in standard STL  format;
    • Toolpath exporting in  ISO G-CODE, Isel NCP, XYZ formats;
    • Network mode:customers and insoles database sharing between different computers.

    This software allows the clinician to have the function of designing the orthotic using cad tools to achieve the product he or she wishes to prescribe.

    Easy cad includes additions such as met dome positioning, toe props, with design application from the palliative foot orthotic to controlling firm devices.

    Easy Cad PRO provides you with the flexibility to send your orthotic cad file to any Orthotic milling machine or your own.

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    EasyCad - Orthotic Modeling Software specifications

    EasyCad and Insole
    CNC Milling Machine

    EasyCad Orthotic
    Design Software

    EasyCad with Podometer


    Download the Global Report or view the video below.

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