Foot Pressure Systems

Foot Pressure Systems

New resistive foot pressure platforms with speeds up to 400hz. 3 Standard lengths up to 240cm with customization available.All our foot pressure systems integrate with  video.

Foot Pressure Systems

Video Integrated Gait & Foot Pressure

New Video Capabilities with Foot Pressure Systems

Foot Pressure / Video Integration Capture options available. Standard capture from your existing cameras or upgrade to  hi speed Bassler camera capture. Capability of up to 4 cameras.

Din Film

 Orthotic CNC Milling Options

Orthotic Milling Machines

CNC Foot Orthotic Milling Machines from the simple clinical set up to high speed and mass production systems all come with over 25 years experience in Foot Orthotic Manufacturing and 13 years in CadCam Foot Orthotic Manufacturing.

Easy Cad for Foot Pressure Systems


Online Sales

BODYTECH Online Sales for Foot Pressure Systems

Our new online sale system makes it easy to shop with confidence organize finance and access the best deals available. Whilst maintaining the confidence of shopping with an experienced team. Global warranties apply on all products sold.

18/5 Global Tech Support

Global Technical Support for Foot Pressure Systems and all products

BodyTech is Partnered by Sensor Medica in Europe. Combined we deliver a 18/5 global support system on your partnered acquisition. All Purchases are delivered with unlimited online training and support for the first 12 months with optional support agreements available after this time.

If you have a support or training requirement. Please Complete the support window below and we will respond as a matter of urgency.

Treadmill With Foot Pressure Sensors

Foot Pressure System Freestep Software Assessment Tools

Armed with the latest foot pressure system software you can assess patients with confidence and repeatability, Freestep software allows easy capture of your clinical requirements including:

  • Posture Evaluation
  • Video integrated Gait & Foot Pressure
  • Stabilometry or Sway Testing
  • Orthotic design with our EasyCad software

BODYTECH...... Providing Foot Pressure System Technology for Dynamic Health Clinicians!

Proudly partnered with  & Sensor Medica

FreeStep Foot Pressure and Video Gait Integration & Posture Software

EasyCad CNC Foot Orthotic 
Milling System