Foot Pressure Systems “Baropodometry”

BodyTech supplies Foot Pressure Systems in many variations depending on your needs and requirements.

At a glance the Body foot pressure systems are configured into different lengths and the lengths are based on the gait cycle and sensor configuration and size.

Four basic Foot pressure or baropodometric systems are available.

Our foot Pressure Systems have been successfully supplied into Singapore and Asia, New Zealand and many other South & North American customers.

Customised Foot Pressure System orders are also available on request.

Specification of sensors are listed below.

Foot Pressure Specifications

When our revolutionary hardware is connected to our FreeStep Suite Software becomes a very powerful tool.

Foot Pressure and Video gait Software

Free Step is advanced software for the evaluation and study of foot pressure, posture, biomechanics and humans-space/movement relationship.

It is the only product with a central database that can acquire: static and dynamic foot pressure, motion analysis, morphological video analysis, digital foot photography, Romberg’s test, cervical interference study, statistical analysis and automated reports.

At a Glance Freestep Software completes the following examination.

  • Foot Pressure Static, dynamic and sway analysis
  • 2D & 3D foot scanning and 3D Visuals
  • Foot Pressure treadmill or Baropodometrics in motion
  • “One touch” print for comprehensive reports;
  • Statistical analysis;
  • 2D video analysis;
  • Bio-feedbacks for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening; “coming soon”
  • Live updates through located servers to ensure you are always are working with the latest software
  • Software also accommodates clinical notes and diary.
  • Coming soon “cloud access” for patient files.