BodyTech has evolved from over 20 years of professional experience to deliver the best "clinical package" on the market today in Allied and Para medical health.

Partnered with Sensor Medical in Europe and sister company Footpoint in Australia, Bodytech brings a solid 25 year foundation of experience in clinical delivery, sales and support on all equipment sold providing distribution into Australia New Zealand and Singapore.

BodyTech currently delivers these products to you in two easy software modules, Freestep and Easycad.

Freestep suite provides the software tools to integrate video and foot pressure systems and tools to complete following examinations;

  • Static foot pressure
  • Dynamic foot pressure
  • Sway or Balance testing
  • Posture
  • Gait

 EasyCad provides the necessary tools for foot Orthotic design, using 3D scans (importing STL files), pressure/relieving Orthotics from foot pressure scans.

These Orthotic designs can be exported to your own personal mill or a 3rd party mill.

So to make it easy when purchasing you only need to do 2 things

  1. Select the Platform hardware size and type of sensor platform you wish to acquire.
  2. Order the Freestep software, The software suite is a comprehensive package which is sold complete including all modules of the examinations.

If you wish to manufacture or design foot Orthotics there are other optional modules which you may need, these are best discussed with us in order to meet your requirements.

After many years in the industry, BodyTech aims to deliver the most advanced & comprehensive patient assessment system at affordable prices.

We look forward to your feedback and supporting your needs into the future.